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  • Call Toll-Free for Medical Waste Disposal & Removal - 1-800-978-8192
  • Austin Metro Area - 512-445-0555
  • San Antonio Metro Area - 830-660-3149
  • Houston Metro Area - 713-408-0401
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth Metro Areas - 214-350-8100
  • Rio Grande Valley Area - 888-956-BIO1 (956-778-4412)
Regulated medical waste is defined as any solid waste, generated in the diagnosis, treatment (e.g., provision of medical services), or immunization of human beings or animals, in research pertaining thereto or in the production or testing of biologicals, but does not include any hazardous or radioactive waste.
Waste that is contaminated through contact with or has previously contained chemotherapeutic agents, including but not limited to: gloves, gowns, towels, syringes, intravenous solution bags and attached tubing, etc. In order to be considered "Trace" chemotherapeutic waste, item must be "RCRA empty", containing less than 3% by weight of the original quantity of hazardous drugs. Texas Medical Waste does not handle "Bulk" chemotherapeutic waste.
Human pathological wastes, including tissues, organs, body parts and body fluids that are removed during surgery or autopsy, or other medical procedures, and specimens of body fluids and their containers.
Yes, different types of waste (i.e. regulated medical waste, chemotherapeutic and pathological) must each be placed in separate containers in order to accurately and properly manage and dispose of each type of waste correctly.
  • Closed and tied red bag waste
  • Closed and locked shut disposable sharps containers
  • Leak proof containers of liquid
  • Soft red bag waste, including but not limited to: gauze, table paper, blood soaked items, intravenous bags, soft plastic items, gloves, gowns, bandages, etc.
  • Chemotherapeutic and Pathological waste may be placed in separate cardboard medical waste boxes and must adhere to the above guidelines.
  • No hazardous or radioactive waste
  • No loose liquid in excess of 20cc
  • No loose syringes or needles
  • No loose hard plastic items, such as pipettes or culture dishes
  • No glass items.

Rule of thumb: If it can puncture the red bag, it needs to be placed in a sharps container

Texas Medical Waste accepts the Sharp Containers, Bio-Hazard Bags and Boxes. Our Service Area is expanding, contact us today!
  • All needles and syringes
  • Hard plastic pipettes and tips
  • Glassware items including but not limited to: test tubes, vials, bottles, slides, vacutainers, etc.
  • Items made of metal, razor blades, scaples, knives, tweezers, scissors, etc.
Texas Medical Waste for Sharps Disposal serving San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas.
No, Texas Medical Waste does not handle or pick up any hazardous or radioactive waste.

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